About Fruba

Fruba is an intellectual property consultancy that provides modern answers to clients’ questions about their creative products and innovations. Our range of services covers the development, strategy, commercialization and protection of your ideas.

Our company philosophy grew from the belief in meaningful client relationships, and the most critical part of that is being there with you from the beginning of your IP journey.

Formed by two IP professionals in Europe and Asia we work from an innovative mindset – bringing our expertise to the heart of our clients’ business decision-making process. Because we are there from the beginning, we have a deeper understanding of your needs, and a vested interest in seeing your project succeed.

Fruba is proactive during each stage of your project, from start to finish, and whenever aspects of IP come up. The goal is to realise the true value of our clients’ knowledge, information, creations and innovations. We emphasise long-term strategies, policies and education making sure that our clients have the knowledge they need to continue dealing with their IP long after we’ve finished.

We have expertise in the fields of artistic creation, information transfer, online intermediaries, content licensing, marketing, policy making, brand protection, software and privacy. Diversity and all-roundedness are our precious assets.

  • Nina Kusber

    Nina’s professional journey began in marketing with a focus on branding. She then became a lawyer and discovered her passion in the field of intellectual property. Nina has gotten to know both small and medium-sized businesses as well as bigger corporations and does not only understand daily legal and IP challenges in the corporate world, but also how to build and shape legal and contractual frameworks in order to improve processes.

    For many years, Nina focused on open innovation and how IP can be handled in the context of an open innovation platform. While having experience in traditional media licensing - such as in the publishing sector - she also has created new frameworks for legally transferring intellectual property rights in an open innovation environment.

    Nina has also accompanied various European Union and global research projects, think tanks and a German trade union in their policy advising and decision making processes. Working with these organizations, she not only advocated for fair working conditions with regard to new and innovative business models and the need for openness towards reforming the law in order to meet changing circumstances in the digital world, but also highlighted the importance of copyright protection of creative works.

    Nina co-created Fruba to achieve lasting innovation and digitalization practices that meet modern legal standards. She believes that a good IP concept is needed by every creative professional or business in order to protect and encourage further innovation.

    Her specialized areas are copyright protection and transfer, open innovation and the platform economy, branding and privacy/GDPR management.

    Nina speaks English and German.
  • Felix Yuen

    Felix has been working in the IP industries for over 10 years. He co-created Fruba in 2021 as he saw the personalised needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs - a straightforward, economical and commercial-driven approach in protecting and monetising IP.

    Before starting Fruba, Felix was in private practice and then in multiple companies as their in-house IP lawyer. He managed the trademark portfolios of some world-renowned luxury brands across Asia at Wilkinson & Grist in their then top-tier IP practice. He was the APAC copyright policy advisor for IFPI, the international record producer association. He was the IP and IT counsel for PwC taking care of their digital new ventures.

    Felix is currently also the in-house IP commercialisation advisor for Play’n GO, one of the top slot game providers in the world. His specialised areas include copyright, digital media, commercial licensing, platform regulations, brand protection and new tech.

    Felix speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and French.

    - Practising solicitor in England & Wales and Hong Kong
    - Non-practising barrister and solicitor in New Zealand
    - CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional - Europe)
    - ACIArb (The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - Associate)
    - Member of AIJA (International Association of Young Lawyers)
    - LL.B. (HKU 2011), P.C.LL. (HKU 2013), LL.M. (UNITO 2019), MDVV (UB 2022)